Life is for Experiments, Not Expectations.

SO, world sorry I’ve been so distant there’s so many changes and exciting things around the corner for me. I’m so very, like focused on the future I need to do the here and now. And damnnnnnn, I have been outta my mind lately lol. I applied for late school in the fall, and I’m getting another job and just living up being me. Have you ever just spent so much of your life thinking you can’t do something be something or wear something because society wouldn’t approve or you think god well, if everyone else thinks so i just shouldn’t. Well fuck that! Don’t listen to it I just finally shook myself straight about it I always was myself and not afraid to be either, but after seeing all these changes I’ve made I’m realizing I was secretly was hiding all these things away that bothered me I became afraid to be seen how I am, just because hell I’m not a twig. I buy stuff that fits my body correctly no matter who says I shouldn’t or it doesn’t fit “my style” I’m tired of being in some kind or click, or scene. I am who I am, and just because society convinced me I was too fat to wear what I loved doesn’t express who I am. I don’t think I should have to scream at people that I go outside and walk or jog, and have a gym membership that i’m considered “healthy” that’s my personal business I’m girly and I love dresses I don’t try to show off my body I’ve actually hidden it for years because I was afraid of being defined as a “tramp.” And no, this isn’t a rant about weight it’s just me saying hey ladies thin or thick rock who you are. Because you can never make up for lost time of not showing who you are as an individual! 🙂 We live for us not for other, keep keeping on.




It’s The BOMB! Lifestyles of A Lush-O-Maniac

Okay, lads yeaaa, Blahh so since forever ago this was a multipurpose blog. I’ve already written about some topics and opinions. And now my obsession that I have been secretly hiding from you guys is LUSH. Some may know some maybe don’t, It’s this amazing vegan bath, body and beauty store, That’s right ladies! All three amazing combinations, I have like a lady crushh on this store hardcore! Lol, no joke from there Bath Bombs to Facial Cleansers I am in L-O-V-E. For all types of hair, skin tones, skin types, African American, Caucasian, and whatever else In between! (I should know I’m a mix of everything!) So, let me brag about how fanciful this store is even though I don’t get paid this is something every women now of days should know about!! I’m just an average gal, who loves their products. So let me educate you a bit, bout all this fun colorful stuff! Bath Bombs- these are exploding balls of fun for your bathtub that releases scents and oils to reguvinate skin and make it feel lovely, some with sparkles or even more fun kinda like pop rocks, shapes embedded into them to float throughout your bath just tons of new ways to brighten up and lively your life! Bubble Bars- (Personally don’t use many of these) But, they are bars that come in all different shapes very colorful! that I think you can either crumble up and hold in your hands to make bubbles to fill up your tub, or you put a bar in a big cup grab another one and keep sloshing water mixed in with the bar and watch the magic as big, fluffy scented bubbles magically appear 🙂 Facial Cleansers- These in the store look like giant sushi rolls I’m telling you but they are like, the most amazing thing that’s ever touched my face. (I use Dark Angels) And you like crumble up a little dime piece size in your hand with some water and whalaa! rub it into your hands and get ready to scrub hunny, but I promise it completely pays off. Great thing about them they double for a facial mask too! Leaves my skin looking brighter and feeling nice, and fresh I’ve never wanted to feel up my face more. And girl, I tell you I’ve been looking for something for years to soothe my hurting skin. Alright next subject! Shampoos- I love these, but read up on them before your buy don’t just purchase because it smells good, you want it to work right? And I can bet, so do the people who make the products. SO, please ladies know your hair type!!! I hat seeing reviews trashing a product when it wasn’t even made for what people want to do to their hair. (lol call me crazy) Hair Treatments- Okay, just got my first one so this is a newbie for me, It’s quite easy to use pretty much a hair mask you cover your dry hair all up in the magical goop and wait 20 minutes rinse, shampoo, rinse, condition repeat(well for me, got thick hair) the whole enchilada of washing hair. And for me I bought one that hydrates my dark color treated hair to stop from drying out and so far so good! “buyer beware, you will use a lot of it if you have longer or thicker hair make through decision if price is worth it! Mine sure was” Shower Jellies- Literally I bought this on a whim and I quite love it dunno, what to do with it but it looks sparkly, smells amazing and it’s entertaining what else do ya need? Lol, dampen it a bit rub your hand on it and your hands quickly start to create bubbles to lather up! And I swear it takes forever to use and the price isn’t step!(you could also take chunks off but that’d be wasteful!!!!) Massage Bars- These I’m still working out the kinks, they smell really nice and are soothing to the skin, I use it for my back and well it’s no miracle to back problems, or shoulder pain but I have started using it more after a shower or bath on those spots and it feels very soothing, Like right after you get out and spot clean most of the water when your skin still feels dewy, rub it in to your back and Gawdd! felt like heaven to me, so it ended up to not be a waste but I’m still honing it’s mysteries! And lastly but not forgotten my most favorite new purchase! Fun- This awesome playdough/Moonsand feeling tube of weirdness I fell in love with,At first the intended purchase was for my little sister she’s 2-3 and loves to hop in a colorful bath as she watches the bombs explode. so I thought I’d give her, her own experience and of course I reviewed it like i do all of their products and this was like the most bubbly, strong smelling one apparently (even more hyped!) My game face was major on. I couldn’t wait and so we tore of a chunk or it and held it under the bath water within minutes tons of bubblegum scented bubbles were everywhere It was the best bubble bath experience I’ve had and they held up for so long! at the end of the bath were trying to pop them to make them go away. It’s completely safe for kids and fun for anyone any age! Definatley worth it! I hope you guys keep discovering as well! I’ll leave some pictures of my hauls! We can all go far, from finding new things! 




And lastly of course my ugly face smeared with Dark Angels^ 

P.S. I forgot about there amazing soaps! I own practically all of them but, don’t let me tell you go run out and get yourself your own!


Today’s topic lovely’s is what else????? *Drum Role* LOVEEE, that four letter word everyone cringes to hear most days right? It’s mushy and unexplained and you get goosebumps everywhere like your standing outside in Michigan weather naked. We all know it, love it, hate on it, and want it ourselves. But hey who the f*** doesn’t? (excuse my bluntness) There’s always that one unattainable guy, who sneaks out of nowhere and sweeps you off your feet and rides off like it never happened, like one of those cliche western cowboy movies. Except less romantic and gentleman-like. Don’t you ever just stop and think for a second and look back at the what if’s, the mistakes and everything in your life and picture his face because no matter what he was making you smile through all the hard times. Why doesn’t it happen like the olden days where things mad more sense when everything wasn’t so superficial there’s supposed to be REAL in real life right? I was spontaneous super sickening crushes, something that makes your heart beat so fast you think your going mad.( Not writing a whining blogggg lol) Maybe I’m bitter writing this as a single lady, but i wanted to express this topic out loud more and make sense of why I can never wrap my head around it why we women think the way we do, in circles every single day and still get the same answer we already knew? I want one of those ya know? One of those mushy, disgusting, addicting little things that bring us joy and happiness. It’s just hard not to fall in love with, Love.<3

Valentines Day the Ladies Way


Sooooo, World I am back! Gosh, I have been so busy I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about all my weird life experiences. c:  Valentines Day ladies(DELAYED I KNOW) everybody loves free chocolate and some hot men! Don’t we all? Heck yea! But, instead of me getting any of that because we all know the cliche of February 14th I had a gal day with my sister, both single both ladies and happy as hell to be independent women. So let’s tell all while every mushy couple runs around our local outdoor mall all cute like, which was freakin’ adorable (what can I say I’m a Narcissist and hopeless romantic?) But, back to reality now it was actually a decent day we went around shopping, having fun taking photos together and taking advantage of sales, forget buying presents for loved one ladies treasure yourselves a bit! Going around to our usual lady stores and such, I’m addict for lush and H&M those stores are my downfall girl I’ll tell ya, Soo blah, blah dragged on a few hours later shopping makes us ladies hungry right? We went looking for some food there’s different restaurants all around the mall which is such a good thing, and with all the specials for couples there was a 2 for $20 dinner at California Pizza Kitchen like Yummmmm! So, even though my valentine wasn’t a cute guy, who bought me presents and showered me with affection I got to spend the day with my favorite older sister with good eats and a hand full of bags 🙂 


Haven’t We All?

Okay! New topic, I know not everyone out there is as loud, proud and not afraid to be judged as I am. So I wanted to take a moment and write a post that means something to me shouldn’t we all at one point? And Judgement, this is one of the biggest things in modern society right now that drives me up the wall! What is the reasoning to which the opinions of people take over Your life, Your views, Who you are? This is why we are individuals with personalities, ya hear me? I know, you might be like preach gal while others may say well your just as opinionated. But hey I want you to express that freedom and be you flourish in it ladies! Take a bubble bath, get sexy and watch desperate housewives, cook yourself some fine, dine and wine and go to the club with your ladies, curl up to your  favorite book and hot chocolate, or rebel with your spray can of freedom on an empty canvas. Do You Darlings! You, know me just another out here wanting to express myself. Just remember loves don’t let the internet, or anyone be your Regina George we’ve all been there  Image



“Day One of Fun”

Today guys I thought I’d knock out another post give you readers out there something to know me by, a little Introduction maybe? Hmm, who knows I feel like getting these posts out like Willy Wonka did the kids in his factory. One after another keep em’ coming at least while these ideas are fresh out of the oven 🙂 I think who ever has read a tad about my blog by now would know that I tend to speak my mind very fluently and use references to the most weird ideas but why not? Okay now, let’s stop the fun and get down to business today as we already know what inspires me, It’s individuality, spirit, honesty, vintage, books, hair(even though my hair sucks) lol, heeled shoes, cooking, crocheting, fashion, and other people’s inspiration and style. So, come on guys tell me what inspires you, what talents, ideals you have, what keeps you going, and you absolutely kill for! leave comments, opinions, tips, I always have an open ear, you’ve already heard Me! Now I Want To Hear Your VOICE! It’s a vast canvas up there in your mind, paint your way with words. 🙂



“Someone, Somew…

“Someone, Somewhere dreams of your Smile and finds in you Presence that life is worth while, So when you are lonely remember its True.. Somebody Somewhere is Thinking of You.”

As, starting this off I’m going to take a leap into this world of wonder and I want to post a quote, this is for all the single girls out there. Valentines day isn’t just for ladies already in relationships don’t give up loves, let it find you. “Us humans are lost in a vast sea searching for that one.”